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Google is world’s top Search Engine Platform which has largest users base. Most of people always use Google to explore and find their queries. Advertising on Google requires a Google Ads account, which is free to create. Once you’ve opened your account, it’s time to figure out how to use Google Ads to grow your business! We Write high-performing ads. Create effective landing pages.

Google Ads functions as an auction, but unlike a regular auction, it’s not just your bid that matters – the auction takes the quality and relevance of your ad campaigns into account. This means that the playing field is level for everybody, not only those advertisers with the deepest pockets.

The Google Ads auction is centered around the concept of keywords. Advertisers identify keywords that are relevant to their business – and that searchers are likely to use when trying to find something – and bid on them, stating how much they are willing to pay each time a Google user clicks on their ad. This is where the term “pay-per-click advertising” comes from.

The ad auction takes place every single time a searcher enters a keyword into Google, meaning that every single search for keywords you’re bidding on represents an opportunity for your ads to be shown to prospective new customers. And since those prospects are actively looking for what you’re selling, you’ll be showing up at the exact right moment. This is what makes advertising on Google so powerful, and one of the best ways to grow your business.

What we do and why choose us?

Basically we have team of experts to create advertisement banner & contents according to your business, products & services. We decide targeted audience, keywords and location to give you better output for your business.

We follow these ten-steps to process advertising on Google:

  1. Establish your account goals
  2. Determine your audience
  3. Conduct keyword research
  4. Set budgets and bids
  5. Build your optimal account structure
  6. Write high-performing ads
  7. Create effective landing pages
  8. Implement conversion tracking
  9. Grow your remarketing lists
  10. Make optimization a habit

Advertise on Google with BrandBana.Com

Aside from the technical aspects of setting up and running a PPC campaign using Google AdWords, many advertisers struggle with the time commitment necessary to achieve success with paid search. That’s why Brand Bana’s software and free tools have proven invaluable to thousands of businesses advertising on Google.

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